Saturday, March 12, 2011

“Archaic” to “Most-In”: In Three days flat

It took three days for my mind to get struck with the idea of writing this post. This post is all about my realization of being outmoded and getting the way out too.
I have had (read had to have) the pleasure of traveling by public transport from Delhi to Gurgaon for last three days (All thanks to the accident that happened few days back which had justified the money people like us spend over vehicle insurance)…. “Benefits from circumstances” is what I shall call it….so one of the very few benefits of traveling in a public transport, especially a Metro where we have one whole compartment dedicated to the finer sex, is that you get to see a good number of people around, that too with a close proximity…now what’s so great in it? take, Everything!….if you are a keen observant…..which is an attribute inbuilt in 99.99% (if not cent percent) of the women….wanna test?....ask any woman you see around about the dress/accessory she or anyone remotely acquainted wore in the last party …. Bingo! Another sixty seconds and you have all the details (Warning: Get ready to hear to more n more of “Views” and Very less “News”)…. Well that’s how we are, and I take pride in being both a Woman and a keen Observer :-)
First day when I entered the first compartment   ("Women-Only" compartment) of metro loaded with not less than hundred of beautiful lasses (don’t read me wrong, I didn’t like the sight very much!)….i was stunned…. No one looked as sleepy and rumpled as I was at around 7:30 in the morning (till then I thought it was natural), and it took me around five minutes to come to complete consciousness and realize that all the eyes that met mine (as half of them were closed, probably mesmerized with the music going in via earphones) were perfectly done with Kajal and Liner…Rest of the make-up was also intact….. Almost 90 percent of them sported trendy accessories including smart handbags and footwear….. My eyes, which were completely awaken (read popping out) by then, kept wandering from here to there and made a long list of to-be-bought stuff (category-wise, namely : urgently required/needs to be done by weekend/on priority….. see how efficiently I am using my management skills!!)
I wasn’t in a state to match up with any of them, so thought of taking shelter under the one common language every heart understands, Music….and ended up making fool of myself, FM doesn’t work inside a metro, and I don’t know why I never thought of using the 20 GB memory I carry in two of my phones for such a vital cause!!
Before three days I thought that accessory has to be matching with your attire…. Now I know how archaic I was…. I have observed its time about spontaneity, you like three of your bracelets, don’t get confused as to what to wear, wear them all together :-)……Wanna wear those yellow footwear with a formal brown shirt?? Or sporting darkest of your mascara/eye shadows on Monday??...Don’t hesitate, Go ahead…n If u think it might work…Just throw it on!!
Have learnt and unlearnt a lot in last three days….. Guess, that’s how life is….. It gives n takes….or takes n then gives…… Just be ready to accept that age old rules you follow, might not be the best bet for Future :-)
Anyways, It’s better late than never, I had all my favorite numbers in my phone the second day and was dressed with best of my understanding ….. Earphones in, n here I go…..

Sleepy??….Naah, when you look good, your body oozes energy and makes a web of positivity around…
All set to be somebody’s inspiration…..As they were mine…. :-)


  1. With this, you completely stated ur personality. We know, how much FASHION SENSE AND FREAK, you have and You are! So, dost, an ode to ur description. :)

  2. And.. one more thing, who knows it best than me, after all, I am the first one, who hear the WOOOEEEING after you get down from the metro. Good job done ladki. from Unlearning to learning. I can see, how well you have put eye-liner today.

  3. Awesome post dear i loved it after-all its a girl-girl thing...m just dying to see u now n also want to learn all those stuffs....coz u don't know that m a sceret admirer of ur dressing sense(the confession)....keep this spirit on!!!!

  4. @ Richa : Thank u ....Thank u....

    @ Akansha : Thanks a ton dost….u made my day :-)

  5. Wow. 3 days in metro and you learnt a lot about life :) , i think next time you travel by DTC bus and see theres a hell lot more things to learn about life :)

  6. @ Tarun : Appreciate the advice, Noted!

  7. planning to take a ride in delhi metro :) fashion sense needs improvement too!!
    well written lady :)

  8. Thank u sweetie....
    @ Ride : U dont need it, u definitely have the best dressing sense among all of us!!

  9. Witty and refreshing…really nice and so natural from a lady like u.

    U r catty, good observant and masala queen so I think you r more comfortable with such kind of writing.

    This is ur finest writing among the previous ones and scope of improvement is negligible.

    Quite Interesting.