Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Addition is not always bad !!!

Addiction….not necessarily, is always related to getting stoned and losing senses… (At least people from tier-2 cities like me would have had this perception at some point of time in their lives!!)

All of us have few likings and interest (things we do in free time) and when we start pursuing any one of them a lot more than others, it becomes a hobby…..i.e. something we do in most of the free time….But Addiction is one step ahead of both of these, it’s about that one-thing-we-do-all-the-time or we-wish-to-do-all-the-time stage….when all you can think of is that one particular thing and it wanders all around your head 24*7 (yea it does! Like a carefree bird, when caught and kept in a cage, flies here and there to come out of it)….And only who has experienced it can tell you how difficult it is to concentrate on any other task at hand when this craving to pursue your addiction kicks right there at your adrenalin …. Biggest example is right here, I am writing this blog leaving not less than ten tasks (half of them have already become critical and urgent) during office hours, using office laptop and internet :-)….Addicted, ain’t I??

Well, all my past records say that I have been an efficient employee who has met most of the deadlines, if not all…..and had this craving to write wasn’t kicking me so hard , I would have been finishing those tasks only.

I have never had anything so closed to my heart that it shall flow along with blood in my nerves….& I get involved in it so much to call it an addiction. But writing Blogs is turning into an Addiction for me (few weeks back I had completed a post at 1:30 in night)…And I am loving it :-).

Anything that happens to me or around goes into my mind’s invisible filter of can-be-converted-into-a-blog post-or-not and all those events and activities that don’t fit in the former category don’t seem to bother me much now a days ….as I am more concerned about the happenings that can be converted into a Blog-post.

I have started cherishing those silent moments with myself when I am all alone or in a crowd observing the surroundings and making notes in my mental diary…Some of them have already been crafted in to the words in form of my previous posts and others are either at nascent phase or yet to be phrased…..

Stay tuned……..Shall continue the odyssey with many more ……