Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hard working to Hard(ly) working : Lets transform our worlds :-)

Are you among those who work hard like hell whole year without caring enough about work-life-balance in order to get a performance review report which gives nothing but severe heart ache ?? And an unpleasant personal life too??

Well, High time you understand its age of Hard(ly) working people …. Just few smart steps and there you are, right above all…In the favorite list of all around :-) :-

1. Never say “no” for any task , in fact try and take as many as possible (Aim at crossing the “Humanly-not-possible” milestone!!)

2. Not only take work but also show the pressure of it on your face , Keep Sulking ! ( Don’t forget to mention it to peers when asked about your swollen face how badly you are being overloaded)

3. Be the first one to take initiative – Precisely whenever seniors are around. (Keep using - “Yes sir”…. “Consider it done sir”…”I shall devote one hour extra at home and complete it sir”……etc etc)

4. Refer to point no. 3 again, Only use all these but never complete things on time, At the same time make sure you log in to your laptop at 9:00pm once and send just one or two mails about any damn work assigned to you by your boss. And Don’t forget to mention next day that you worked till late night but couldn’t finish and shall need few more days to complete it. I bet you shall have a revised deadline.

5. Refer to point no. 1 again, Whenever get a chance tell your boss about all these assignments you have (which you never worked upon but made sure to make a list of all and paste it on your working station, after all show off pays well) and ask for support. And here comes a Team under you :-)

6. Now since you have a Team, just divide your work smartly among them in a way that you don’t have to supervise them much (read you are practically free).

7. Keep your team so busy in work that they never realize you are taking credit of their work. (And even if one day they realize the truth, they shall move out and you can always blame it on their disability to take pressure and hire fresh talent. Well, isn’t it monotonous to screw the life of same people for long??

8. Take out time for yourself and family, plan trips and outings and tell at office you have fallen sick because of highly hectic and exhausting life style. {I agree, Lying is not good but that’s the only way to earn sympathy (read brownie points)for relaxing on a beach with family}

You are now all set to lead an awesome professional as well as personal life my friend …Keep rocking !!

P.S. :- In case you belong to that age old stupid school of thought that honesty is the best policy & Nothing can beat hard work, …yours is a hopeless case my dear and no one in this universe can help u. Stop reading and carry on with your work as your Boss (who must have read it by now) shall be all set to screw your life.