Saturday, July 12, 2014

Five things to learn about the Indian culture from Humpty Sharma ki dulhaniya

1. Every Indian girl wants to dress up like a DIVA for her wedding day. And at times the obsession with the wedding dress supersedes every other emotion so much so that planning that's required to get into a relationship as serious as marriage, is being sidelined completely .

As shown in the movie too, the designer lehenga, many a times becomes more crucial than actually getting to know the person you are marrying.

2.    "My lehenga has to be more expensive that the cousin's lehenga" says Alia in the movie.

We are a highly competitive breed and extremely generous while showing off.
In a typical wedding in India, the entire family leaves no stone unturned to capitalise on this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to show everyone around that they are wealthier.

3.    There's absolutely no need for Indian men to be good at studies or have a good career. All our girls prefer here are boys-next-door. Guys who go blackmailing the professor to pass them in the exams (like varun in the movie) , get our girls turned on much more than a suave and sophisticated Doctor (poor Sidhartha Shukla in the movie).

4.    Best friends, in India, have no other work to do than follow you around wherever you go and get things sorted for you. I wonder what would poor Poplu and Shonty in the movie do once Alia and Varun settle down. Their life would become meaningless and job-less as all they seem to be doing in the entire movie is circling around Varun and doing things for him and have absolutely no life of their own.

5.    No matter how much we develop, patriarchy still rules at our homes. Our mothers shall hardly have any roles in making decisions and always tell daughters like Alia's mother does in the movie "ye papa ka faisla hai, ye hi final hai" .

And all the brothers of young girls out here are expert hooligans. After all the only way they can justify their existence is by beating up the guys coming after their sisters .

P.S. Having said all the above (with the pun that was intended) , I did like the chemistry between Alia and Varun and by no means am trying to discourage you from watching the movie :-)