Thursday, June 2, 2011

U n I – Blog 2: “A Forever Friend”

He has been with me since ever; In fact I can’t remember my existence without him. I still remember his plumpy pink demeanor during my childhood (Though he has the slimmest and most stylish looks now). I have seen him wrapped in sand with me while I made sand castles. He rested besides me for hours while I was busy day dreaming. Whenever I had burst into tears, I had to wipe his face before mine; not to mention - Only Best of the friends do that!

If I go by statistics, apart from my family, it’s only he who has been with me (read standing right beside me, always) for almost all the years I have existed on this planet.

He has proved that true pals can have best of the conversations while keeping silence also, not once but many a times. I can never forget the way he has accepted me and taken me into his arms irrespective of my looks and mood. And after being hugged by him, I could see the world better. Yes, he has been a great help in seeing the world clearly, I would not have been able to have the pleasure of the colors of nature and people without his help (Didn’t you know people also have colors?? Well, wait till you have extremely good or awfully bad times, you will witness all the colors of them :-)).

This post is to pass on my gratitude towards him for all those happy n sad times spent with him.

He definitely deserves to be at the top in my bestest pals list, So here I am , bidding a big thank you to him along with an assurance that I shall also try to be the same to him always.

My dear Specs, I love you for all the help and support, I got you when I was two and after almost twenty five years from then, I still adore you with all my heart (so much that I never thought of wearing lenses :-)).

We are friends forever !!