Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A curve that sets everything straight :-)

Droning routines, and a lot of them, that’s every day and every one’s story now days. And I have not been an exception.
However there are few people and incidents, sometimes familiar n anticipated and sometimes not-so-usual, which not only bring me out from the daily ennui but also leave a smile on my face.
This post is dedicated to everything n everyone who have helped (knowingly/unknowingly) in making sunny and brighter my otherwise dull days.
1. A lie from my darling hubby that after putting on some 6 kgs in last 6 months, I still look the same
2. A friend’s call at midnight who’s feeling nostalgic after seeing our college time pics (yeah, I at times don’t mind waking up in half of my sleep too)
3. An uncle in his sixties, passing by,hands in hands with his wifey,… (well,what has age to do with the romance?)
4. A girl ,sitting next to a b oy on his motorbike, cuddling him gently(My hubby says that couples on bikes are happier than couples in four wheelers, and such incidents make sure to keep our belief firm :-))
5. An adoring mom who doesn’t even let 24 hours pass by after we spoke and makes another call with a dismayed tone “Bhul gayi mujhko??” (“Have you forgotten me??”).There are always few benefits attached to a Filmy mother, I tell you, along with a big tag saying handle-with-super –care ;-)
6. Pictures of cute little kiddos of friends and acquaintances on several social networking sites... There can not be anything more beautiful than the feeling of parenthood.
7. Anyone who says “you seem to have lost some weight”….this one makes any woman’s day…doesn’t it??
8. A hug from my grandmother… and the way she makes her favoritism towards me obvious…I can’t explain the pleasure I experience after looking at the faces of my poor siblings at such times!! (I know you hate me for saying it Suchi n Abhi :-P)
9. Washroom gossip sessions with friends in office…. Many a times, we go inside with full of frustration and come out realizing that others are facing even worse…and then there are other times when all the annoyance disappears while discussing (read bitching about) some hot extra marital, somebody’s foul language or awful dressing sense and some despos who we plan to give a gift wrapped rakhi.
No matter what it is, it always leaves me rejuvenated and relieved!!
10. A small note saying “well done” ….. after acting as a super-woman whole day, managing everything right from the morning breakfast on time till meeting official deadlines… a simple “u did it well” makes a lot of difference…be it from anyone or for anything…it just makes all the efforts worthwhile.
That was a quick sneak-in into my laundry list.
So, what’s that made you smile today??

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review - Movie - Delhi Belly

Director: Abhinay Deo
Starring: Imran Khan, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Poorna Jagannathan, Vir Das and Shenaz Treasurywala

Version: Hinglish
My Rating: 4 ( on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest)

Story: Shit (and a lot of it) happens with friends cum flat-mates, Tashi (played by Imran Khan), Nitin (played by Kunal Kapur) and Arup (played by Vir Das) when they inadvertently swap a cache of diamonds that has to be delivered to a local gangster (played marvelously by Vijay Raaz) by a stool sample( Yeah, sh*t literally happens :-)).

Tashi ‘s awfully silly and pesky girlfriend Sonia (played by Shenaz Treasurywala) has only one motive in life i.e to tie the knot, Arup ‘s girlfriend dumps him abruptly and his annoying boss keeps making his life more miserable by asking him to make a banana sketch look happier and Nitin is experiencing the worst case of Delhi-belly because of some street – stuff he had. Meghna (played by Poorna Jagannathan) ,who’s a colleague cum alternate love(lust) interest of Tashi ,gels very well in to this strange blend along with her psycho and super obsessive husband (ex) who frantically chases his ex wife ‘s car with a gun in hand.

It’s a non-complicated story with plenty of situations, twists and expletives that will leave you feeling disgusted as well as delighted simultaneously. As promised in the trailers, it is full of uncouth and foul humor and can be digested only by people having an appetite for adult comedy. Rest of them might detest it!!

Script: Akshat Verma has adorned Bollywood with one of the wittiest scripts it has ever witnessed. It is definitely different from all its contemporaries, simply because in spite of making desperate attempts to make you laugh, it weaves events that will leave you spell bound and rolling on the floor with laughters.

Direction: A break –less movie, squeezed in ninety minutes and no songs or dancing around the trees… Completely Hollywood ishtyled :-)..which is a refreshing change from the usual. Abhinay Deo deserves a round of applause for his excellent direction of this Hollywood-styled-desi-flick.

Cinematography: Right from a filthy house full of creeping cockroaches to an awestruck gun-fight in a hotel room and the crashing of the ceiling with a foot from above floor getting stuck, Delhi belly showers scenes and events shot in a detailed-oriented yet quick manner which without trying too hard shocks you at a moment and brings giggles on your face at the very next moment.

Dialogues and Music: Since I watched the hinglish version, most of the dialogues were in English and were very well related to the story line. Though few people might argue about the choice and usage of language but at the end of the day that’s how our young generation speaks now days.

Music , again is targeted towards the youngsters. Movie has some five- six peppy numbers; most of them have already become the talk of the town. My personal favorite one is “Switty-switty”.

Performances: Imran delivers his best till date, Kunal’s belly-gurgles and in-the-loo-struggling –for- water-scenes are disgusting yet hilarious and Vir is quite convincing in his good-for-nothing avatar.

Both the ladies fit the bill. Vijay Raaz as a gangster delivers one of his show-stealing performances.

Rest of the characters blend well in the cocktail in order to add more flavors and making it tastier and all the way more intoxicating :-)

A Smart script full of wacky moments and bizarre events, Loads of twists and turns, Enormous usage of the rude slangs, and few great performances…All this and more, woven in one flick…All in all,ninety well-spent minutes :-)

P.S. : Kudos to -

1. Amir Khan : For his brave attempt

2. Censor Board : For showing the “dariyadili” to pass the movie without much cuts :-)