Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hum bhi agar Bachhe hote :-)

Do you think too much about what people shall have to say about anything you do or say??

Are you of those kinds who are scared of showing their fun side in public just to ensure you don’t lose any respect??

Have you ever let go your deepest desires because of the consequences that society might adorn you with??

If you fit in any of the above (or all of them, just in case) – remotely or from-tip-to-toe, you are not only missing a lot in life my dear but also killing yourself that too with slow poison.

When I was a kid I got to hear that we get to live only once, and get a life of human after taking birth as some 84 billion other species. And since then a board nailed at somewhere inside me says - There’s only one life…and you can make it whatever you want…can play around it however you want….should squeeze the fullest out of it…don’t even let a single moment get wasted in foolish apprehensions such as “what will people say”, Because Its totally, completely and abso-flippin-lutely your life and you are the whole-sole in-charge of it, moreover you are not going to get it again… you might earn crores but you shall never be able to buy back the time you wasted in worrying.

I firmly believe that its better to be incredibly insane than awfully boring. That’s why I have not only kept the kid in me pretty active but also nurtured it throughout the odyssey of triumphs and disasters. Don’t let yourself devoid of the innocence and inquisitiveness of a child. It shall help you grow at the similar pace a child does in both your professional and personal domains.

Dance when glad, shed few droplets when sad, learn to share, get dirty in mud n wet in rains, stop competing (no one ever got a quota in heaven for being the First and best throughout his life), love deeply and madly (and in all other ways too), if you desired, pull out all you have and make it happen (considering that all who read my posts are not psycho paths or serial killers :-)).

Start with the “we live in society, shall have to follow certain norms” and related Gyan.

My take – We have a society full of mediocre people, who shall not have the guts to follow their hearts but shall definitely praise others who do. So, chances (and very bright) are that you shall be respected n appreciated more for doing what you long for and stand for. Because many others around could not and will not.

Let’s not be ordinary and run of the mill types, Let’s be different, Let’s exuberate a kid-like energy always, Lets be thoroughly insane, Let’s be the change we want in the society, Lets be the initiators n moreover, Let’s be ourselves…Leaving aside all the inhibitions :-)

Let’s be the architects of an odyssey worth narrating to our grand children some day!!