Monday, April 2, 2012

Angry Bird

I just want to adorn someone with at least ten tight slaps across the face and then wrap the wire of my laptop around his neck and strangle till his tongue comes out ….!!
Someone who is so slow that if we convert his speed of doing assignments into a vehicle’s speed, even the Luna and cycle rickshaw riders shall overtake him within seconds. His approach towards work is so complicated that if you ask him the direction towards loo , he will sit back, will scratch his head for another few minutes, then take out a piece of paper and make not less than four flow charts of guiding the way towards the loo, which is merely 50 meters away from his cabin, and then call all available in his vicinity and ask everyone’s views on all those flow charts and then will tell me (yes, always) to analyze it further and make a presentation out of it and hand it over to the person (who would have had peed his pants by then) after running some fifty simulations on it.
Just collect your jaw from the floor and imagine how we tolerate him on a daily basis !! Sheer Pain !!