Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 Things I wish to do before I die……

The rationale behind making this list is to have a readymade stimulation aide for myself whenever either things will go wrong or they will go too right to believe, leaving me with either a feeling of “I am left with nothing” or “I am left with nothing more to do”.

In both the cases, I shall be in dire need to look forward to something meaningful.

1. I want to get a huge portrait painted of myself sporting the best available attire and accessories on the planet (for more details, please refer to any of the renowned historical flicks where a must have thing in all princess and queen’s rooms used to be those gigantic wall sized painted portraits of them; putting on those frilly long designer dresses with not less than a kilogram of precious stones studded jewelry!!!)…Whether I can afford it or not??...well, while making such lists, one isn’t supposed to inhibit the imagination, petty issues such as budgets can be taken care of later :-)

2. My mommy dearest once told me that if given a chance she would like to write a novel that she knows she has inside her…..I laughed out throatily when I heard of it first, but as the time went by it became one of the biggest secret dreams I have, I want to spend my late fifties in putting my splendid four decades into a novel.

3. A bit of insanity in dancing does good to almost everyone, no matter what direction one turns to; one faces the heaven only. I am no exception to it; I love to dance and want to learn to dance.

Learning Salsa is something that I wanted to begin last year only, but it didn’t work out. I want to learn each and every move of Salsa, There surely will be a day when you will spot me dripping beads of sweat down my skin while matching my steps with my hubby.

The only hindrance I shall face will be that how I would convince him to learn Salsa with me as all the moves he knows are with his squash racket or golf stick in hand :-(

4. I want to participate in and win the crown for Mrs. India contest…….That’s another secret desire I have. A small number of things where I need to work upon, and it will be conquered….Looks, Appearance, Dressing sense, Communication skills , Fitness, Presentability, Posture, Walk and few more…. What? List is too long to be achieved??....Refer to point no. 1(Inhibition of imagination not permitted for such trivial issues!!)

5. I want to take my parents and grannies to an abroad trip. This is the desire that lives in me since my childhood, and it has grown with me…..with a faster pace than I did.

A middleclass family, where parents let go all their luxurious cravings and the only lavish expenditure they have is on the upbringing of their kids…. I am sure many among us can relate to this experience of mine …. A luxurious Abroad trip shall not be able to make up for any of the instances but it shall probably make my parents’ efforts worthwhile up to some extent.

6. Someday after my retirement, I wish to make a list of Ten Best & Worst people I met during my odyssey called Life and I shall make them know how I felt about them and why, with all the details and references (Requires time, isn’t it?...That’s why I selected after retirement time, Intelligent me :-)!!....what?? Memory loss problem at that age??Well, many more lists to be prepared and saved for reference!)

This might not be important for the recipients but shall surely make me sleep with peace in my grave.

7. I wish to learn swimming and learn it so well that I save life of atleast one drowning person.

This has no background; We do few things just to feel good :-)

8. I will love to grow a garden of my own, A garden where I shall have all varieties of plants, right from flowers, vegetables to fruits & spices. Cooking would be fun if I shall have everything available so fresh as just plucked…I can feel the taste of delicacies made up of freshly grown veggies…..Yumm :-)

The another reason behind growing a garden would be the time I along with family shall be able to spend under the shade of willow, surrounded by fresh air with aromatic fragrance of flowers….What a delightful experience it would be!!

9. One day, I aspire to become a writer and imagine my articles/ columns published in all the big names I know exist in print media.

And with it I get one more reason to grow the garden I mentioned in the last point, I shall love to immerse into finishing my write ups/articles sitting with a cup of coffee in that Garden of mine :-)

10. I dream to establish an NGO for poor , victimized and underprivileged women and kids. I shall make them educated and self dependent by running educational, small scale industries’ skill set training and many more beneficial camps for them.

This dream is more about achieving Nirvana and has no other motives attached.

I shall be content if I will be able to provide overall development to them in a secured environment.


  1. Live every day as if it were your last, because one of these days, it will be! Already late in beginning to fulfill your wishes, but never too late to start.

  2. Huh?!
    What's noted? What are you going to do with it is the question!

  3. hmmm...this is the quality of life atleast we can list it n wait for the right time to act...n u never know what surprises it might give u....your posting give my mind the new dimensions to think..Thumbs up! for this post.

  4. @ Abhinav : Only "Time" shall be able to address it !

    @ Akanksha : Thanks a ton! your feedback is valuable to me :-)

  5. Time never will address anything - you shall, if you have it in you.

    Also, refer Point 6 - Will you be buried alive, if that so!

  6. Hi Ruchi

    Your Blog made a nice read......... I have some comments for you..... for some your let me share them with you without having any hard feelings.....

    wish No 1.... Plz do that but in most such movies people come back to haunt in the form of ghosts.. so even if you come back plz don't scare us, we are already scared.....

    Wish No 2.....If you writing a novel than don't forget to write about us or else I would come post death to haunt you and akki will join me in the quest..

    Wish No 3.....You will need atleast three lives for this.

    Wish No 4....All girls have this wish, I will not put any adverse comment otherwise i will not be fed for days to come....

    Wish No 5...Fair wish... may the force(read Money) be with you...

    Wish No 6...Refer wish No 2, make the list of ten best to best eight.... beacause me n akki are already counted else u know the haunting thing...

    Wish No 7... Good luck with that cause I couldn't do it..hope u of luck..

    Wish No 8...Plz add a small poultry farm too in your garden... me n sandy hardly get murugan nowdays....

    Wish No 9...In the garden with poultry farm besides you..

    Wish no 10..Refer wish No 4.. u will definitely win miss india because u share the same dream as all past and future Miss India have shared

    So thr goes my requests for all your wishes... may all of them come true.... happy dreaming

  7. @ Abhinav : Time matters dude, carbon transforms into diamond!!
    and me being buried alive or not is purely at my hubby's discretion (though he has recently watched saat khoon maaf, so m sure he has better ideas:))

  8. @Prashant : Thanks for the feedback and comments, i shall surely make a note of them and try to comply too :-)